Various Kinds of Colorful Flowers Suitable for Beautiful Garden

Having a garden behind a house filled with various kinds of colorful ornamental flowers is certainly a dream of many people. The colorful flowering plants that thrive in the garden behind your house, not only are they able to make your home aesthetic, their beautiful appearance and fragrant scent are also able to make the home atmosphere feel even more soothing.

For those of you who want to make a garden with ornamental flower plants, there are many kinds of ornamental flowers that you can choose and plant behind your house. There is an ornamental flower plant that is easy in its care and suitable for beginners, there is also a pretty ornamental plant but needs extra care to make it thrive. Now make you still confused in determining the type of cropan ornamental flower suitable for the garden at home, here is Blog Unique part of various kinds of colorful flower plants that are suitable for planting in the garden of your house. So let’s check it out guys!

20 Types of Colorful Flowers

Various Kinds of Colorful Flowers Suitable for Beautiful Garden

1. Roses

The flower garden doesn’t taste if it doesn’t have a rose plant. Roses are arguably one of the most popular kinds of flowers for their beautiful and fragrant fragrance. Not only is the color red, the rose flower plant also has a variety of bright and attractive colors such as white, yellow, blue pink and more. So it’s fit to be made an option for tanam in the garden.

How to care for roses is also very easy, during their growth period, they require sufficient sunlight. Make sure roses get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day and sprinkle just enough.

2. Tulips

The next colorful flower plant that you can choose to beautify the garden is the tulip flower plant. Although tulips usually grow in 4-season countries, with special treatment, it turns out that tulips can also grow in Indonesia.

Tulips are widely loved because they have elegant shapes with pretty colors. Starting from the ones in red, yellow, pink, purple, even a pretty combination of two colors. For those of you who want to plant this flower in the garden of your house, it should be noted that tulips are bred using bulbs. To plant it is indeed rather tricky because it grows tulips in tro countryPis like Indonesia needs special treatment. Even so, when flowering, tulips will automatically make your garden more beautiful.

3. Orchid

Orchids are also one of a variety of flowers with a variety of species and colors of which popularity is beyond doubt. There are many orchid lovers who collect hundreds to thousands of these ornamental flower plants to beautify their home environment.

The way orchid plants care is also quite easy. This Orchid Plant adapts easily to its surroundings. From low-lying to high-lying areas, to cold-temperature to hot-temperature areas.

4. Bougenville

Fit planted di tropics, bougenville aka paper flowers is one of the exotic ornamental plants that has a variety of interesting colors and has a thin texture resembling paper. There are bright red, orange, pink, yellow, white, purple, up to a combination of several colors. This ornamental flower plant can grow tall and will be very florid when it blooms. In addition to the pot, bougenville can also be a fence fitting to the walls of the outer house or planted in the yard area of your house.

5. Torenia/Wishbone Flower

Plant type bThe colorful unga for the next garden is Torenia aka Wishbone Flower. It is also often referred to by cat eye flowers. The short plant is native to the tropical regions of Asia. The flowers are trumpet-shaped with varying colors from white with yellow, purple, blue, violet, lavender to cobalt neck. This one ornamental flower plant is very easy to care for and not only is it suitable for growing in pots or direct soil but it is also very popular to be made as a hanging pot plant.

6. Petunia

Tam flower typean next is petunia. The flowering plant has a small trumpet-like shape with diverse and interesting color variations ranging from red, white, yellow, blue, to purple. Petunia is popularly made as a charming hanging ornamental plant because its tank can grow taut. Yet petunia flowers can only grow in bloom once in a lifetime. Even so you can stick the seeds to grow new petunias.

7. Alamanda

Flower plant wThe colorful arna that can be made into an ornamental flower plant in the garden next is the natureanda. This florid-growing flowering plant is popularly used as an ornamental plant because of its large, colorful flowers. It is also known as golden trumpets because of its trumpet-like shape. Besides yellow, there are also other colors that are no less attractive such as pink to peach. When planted neatly, nature’s flowering plants can make your home look aesthetic and shady.

8. Lobelia

Flower plant wThe next suitable colorful arna planted in the garden is Lobelia. This ornamental flower planting one has pretty flowers and grows clustered in plenty. The flowers are small and have beautiful colors such as purple, blue, red and white. Lobelia is also well suited to be made as a hanging ornamental plant. This ornamental flower is very easy to grow through its seeds and is capable of growing in almost all seasons.

9. Anyelir/carnation

Anyelir or dabahasa English known as carnation is a popular garden and pot ornamental plant because of its beautiful flowers. Anyelir has the scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus of several types, named after its color or motif. Among the types of Anyelir flowers are white, red, pink, purple, yellow, and patterned stripes. Anyelir can be one kind of flower that will make your garden or yard even prettier.

10. Daisy

Not only population made into a bouquet, daisy is also one of the ornamental flower plants suitable for beautifying the garden or yard of a house. Having these tiny, pretty flowers is suitable for planting to cover your empty home’s yardlands. It is because when grown, this ornamental flower plant will resemble a dense yet neat shrub. It is generally white in color yet actually daisy has many interesting colors.

11. Asteries

Plant type bThe colorful ornamental unga for the next garden is asterisks. This one flower is very popular for its beauty and is a flower that will bloom all year round. This one flower is also one kind of ornamental plant that has a charming color. Starting from white, purple, pink, yellow and blue. It is almost similar in shape to a daisy and can grow very lush.

12. Petrea

Want to create tsafe that is filled with colorful flowers? You can grow petrea plants in your home garden. Petrea is a plant popularly used as a house fence for its creeping nature. Petrea can produce 15-30 flowers per cluster and will bloom for several days. It can bloom all year round and has very mesmerizing purple or white.

13. Geranium

Next ada geranium flower plants that you can grow in your garden or yard. Geranium flowers have a pretty shape with characteristic petals stacked on each other. Geranium flowers have a variety of colors, such as white, pink, and purple. The leaves are also very unique with a round shape that almost resembles the flowers.

Flower plant This garnish can grow about 20 centimeters to 40 centimeters if planted inside a potted plant. Meanwhile, those who grow wild can reach heights of up to four meters. Not only is it beautiful and fragrant, but geraniums are also known for their characteristics of repelling mosquitoes.

14. Marigold

Marigol flowerd might be familiar in your eyes. Marigold flowers or known for their chicken dung or Balinese call them by the name of gemitrile have characteristic petals piled up and have yellow and orange colors. Marigold flowers consist of at least 50 species and include flowers that are easy to grow anywhere, even in the barren land media though. It is also resistant to hot weather and will continue to flower at all times making it suitable for adding color to your home garden.

15. Camellia

Flower plant the next colorful that can beautify the garden is the camellia flower plant. This one plant is famous for its beauty and is not uncommon to be used as a bouquet. This one flower has a short, wide petal shape, making the flower crown look unique with its rounded shape. The flowers are big enough in size so it looks striking with various color variations from white, pink, red to purple.

16. Dahlia

Flower plant Decorate for a garden that will make your home garden or garden even more beautiful is the dahlia flower plant. Dahlia is one of the popular ornamental plants that has an attractive variety of flower shapes and colors making it ideal for coloring your flower garden.

Flower dahlia need regular care to grow to the maximum. Not only is it watered and cultivated, it also needs to be cleaned the growing area and trimmed occasionally. So make sure you take good care of it so that dahlia flowers can thrive and flowers bloom thickly.

17. Celosia/Flower roost of chicken

w-color flowerarni for the next garden you can plant are Celosia flowers or are known also for their chicken roost flowers. The look of celosia flowers is very attractive and unique when blooming. There is even a variety of celosia whose shape does look like a red rooster’s perch on top of a chicken’s head. The colors vary from purple to red to kuning, orange, and such color combinations. The celosia plant is a semicircular plant but can sometimes live in two seasons depending on its condition. With easy treatment, this one plant is well suited to grow in large quantities in the flower garden kaYours.

18. Flower Cosmos

Cosmos flower or also known by the name flower cosmos is one of the ornamental flower plants capable of making gardens or flower gardens more vibrant. The resulting flowers are brightly colored in numbers. It has a variety of pretty and also bright colors. It also includes the type of plants that grow moderately. In addition, cosmos also include plant types that are easy to care for.

19. The Flower of the Chembang Bokor/Hydrangea

Frequently right in cool wetlands such as Bogor, Bandung, Balikpapan, bokor or Hydrangea flowers are also one of the ornamental flower plants that you can grow in the garden. This one flower has a very pretty shape. Its blooming egrets grow close to each other, clustered together forming clusters and resembling beehives. Color very interesting and diverse, there are light green, purplish blue, bright pink, until red. What is unique about this one ornamental plant is that its flowers can change color depending on the pH state of the soil.

20. Sunflower

One more ornamental flowers that fit in the garden are sunflowers. You must be familiar with this kind of flowering plant. This usually yellow flower has a moderately large flower with a shape resembling the sun.

This flower grows tall and if planted with a lot of quantity will make your house garden look prettier. This guaci-producing flower is not only yellow, because there are also red sunflowers.

Final Words

Well that’s it they’re kind of colorful flower plants for gardens that you can plant to brighten the garden or flower garden in your home. May the article be helpful this time!

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