Simple Level Bed Design Inspiration

Looking for a simple level bed design inspiration for a minimalist nursery? Relax, some inspirational bed design of this level could be the right reference for you guys.

Level beds are indeed the mainstay of parents when having more than 1 child but the number of bedrooms in the house is limited. The main advantage of a tier bed is being able to save space due to its vertical arrangement, so even though it is occupied by 2 children, they still feel comfortable when sharing a room.

Meanwhile, although level beds are often used for children, level beds can also be used for both adolescent and adult children so that they are still in their small rooms there is enough space available to put and arrange various objects they need other.

Yet to choose a level bed is not as easy as we imagined. There are many things you should pay close attention to when going to choose a level bed design to fit or according to the room area. To this end, here’s some simple level bed design inspiration for minimalist rooms!

Simple Level Bed

Simple Level Bed Design Inspiration

1. Custom level beds with minimalist bed racks

To make the space in the bedroom more efficient, you can create a level bed customarily by adjusting the size and height of the room. You can also add a shelf to the h-sectionan bed that will give you a more modern and minimalist impression.

It comes with a wooden staircase on the edge so that it does not disturb the child sleeping at the bottom. In addition, the design of beds and rooms dominated in white will also make a t spotidur and the room looks cleaner and makes the room feel wider.

2. Simple level beds with cabinets and storage

Well for confused parents setting up a cramped children’s room, you can choose this simple yet multifunctional level bed design. Level bed with 2 beds in. Was crammed with cabinets and storage shelves so that you no longer need to add the wardrobe to the already cramped children’s room. It will further save the place and children will feel comfortable with rooms that are not crowded.

3. Minimalist level beds for older siblings

Short of room for the older brother and sister’s bedroom? Relax. You can use a level bed with this one’s simple design. The bed at the bottom has a larger size so It suits the older brother, then the upper part suits the younger brother who has a smaller body size. The bed also comes with a storage drawer at the bottom, so it can be used to store blankets, sprays etc.

4. Level beds with minimal wooden shades

To create minimalist shades, you can choose a level bed with a strong skeleton made of wood. Wooden elements can create a minimalist and warm impression in your dwelling. Even children can sleep comfortably despite having to share a room.

5. Simple level beds sufficient for 3 people

The simple level bed design that you can choose for your next children is a level bed that has extra beds so it fits for 3 people. The extra bed on this bed designed like a drawer so it could be inserted when not in use, and it could be taken out while in use. Suitable for use when cousins or friends of your children stay overnight.

6. Multifunctional level beds

Well make those parents who have putRa-daughter who is already in her teens, and needs a wider room, can be accommodated by using a level bed like this one. The cot was purposely made higher, where at the bottom it was filled with shelves and tables so that it could be a study or work space for the child. This bed certainly saves more space and makes the narrow room feel more roomy.

7. Legless level bed that simple and comfortable

Next there is a tingling bed design… at no simple, comfortable feet that you can make an alternative to a children’s bed. This level bed with 2 beds is designed without legs so it is safer for those who sleep at the top because it is not too high. This kind of bed also makes the top part not too close to the ceiling so it is more comfortable to sleep with small children or teenagers.

8. Level bed with ladder safe for children

If you have 4 children who are forced to the current is put together in 1 room because of the limited room, then you can choose a level bed model, 4 beds this one. Two beds at the bottom and two beds at the top, and then in the middle there’s a ladder that’s safe and strong enough for children to teenagers. This bed design will further save the place and children’s rooms still have enough space to put storage cabinets and etc.

9. Place-saving level beds

Even though the size of the child’s bedroom is so small up small and narrow, not that you guys can’t get a comfortable bedroom with arched facilities. By taking advantage of this level one bed design you can get a comfortable room.

This one-bed design is cell-mountedEbar the room but high enough that you can still use the space under the bed for work or study. This level bed is also equipped with upright stairs so it is quite space-saving. Suitable for teenage children who are starting to need a privacy room.

10. Minimalist level bed and chic for girls

Simple level bed inspiration next is a bed with a minimalist cased or skeleton and dominated with white wara and slight color elements of wood for the periphery of the upper bed and stairs. This level of bed you can pair with a pastel-nuanced sprout and pillowcase that creates a more chic impression. Suitable for children’s to teenage daughter beds.

11. Simple level beds and multifunction for one person

Next level bed is level beds for 1 person, where the bottom of the bed is functioned as a study or work space because it is designed to contain minimalist tables and drawers. This level of bed automatically will further save space in a cramped bedroom.

12. Minimalist level bed da modern an

Next there is a berg level beda minimalist and modern aya made of wood elements. Equipped with shelves and drawers make this bed have more functions. This level bed is also designed with stairs that are safe enough for children.

13. A level bed that is simple and save a spot

Level bed with single bed indeed became an option for such a cramped nursery that the child still had enough space for their study. The same is true of this level one bed design, which comes with a long shelf and multifunctional stairs as well.

14. Minimalist level beds suitable for small rooms

Next there is a level bed with a single bed that is part the bottom can be filled with a sofa making it a relaxing or playing space for the child. This level bed is also made with strong wooden materials and its natural color makes the room feel warmer. Suitable for a boy’s bed.

15. Level beds with walk in closet

Well if your kid’s room doesn’t fit anymore to add glueari clothes, then you can make this level one bed an inspiration. This level bed comes with a walk in closet at the bottom to store your children’s clothes. It also comes with a sofa frame for relaxing. This mulitfunctional level bed is very convenient for wide ra narrow space.

16. Level bed with strong metal frame

Well besides wood, there is also a bed of level that is bolted from ma strong ethal frame. This level bed frame is painted in white so it could easily be combined with any color sheet. In addition, this single bed model level bed is also equipped with a minimalist workbench and thus provides more function than being a bed.

17. Vertically arranged 3-tier beds

Have 3 kids but the room at home is very limited? Calm down, you bisa selects a level bed model with 3 beds arranged vertically like this one. Selecta models a level bed that has no legs so does not make it too high. The bed is also equipped with a fringe so it is very safe for a child sleeping on the top level.

18. Minimalized triple bunk bed

Make those of you who like rustic style, then tin bedsThese 2 beds are perfect for you. Designed for teenagers, the bed is arranged vertically but the upper bunk does not completely cover the lower bunk. So that the child sleeping on the bottom bed can sleep more comfortably.

In addition, rustic style that stands out from the color of the wood inlaidan also gives your bedroom a minimalist and unique impression.

19. Level beds for children with contemporary design black

Another level bed design that you can make inspiration constellation is a level bed with 3 beds in contemporary black style. Vertically arranged, but the level bed for this child is sufficient comfort for your children because the bed in the middle does not completely cover the lower bed and is not completely covered in the upper bed.

Children who sleep in the lower bunk and are second-ranked will not feel cramped with this level of bed design. In addition, the black iron frame used also makes the bed look more minimalistic and modern.


Well there he is some bed design inspiration level that simple for minimalist and small rooms. Have a feast!

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