Modern Minimalist Living Room Cabinet Design Inspiration

Dancing closet designs to place in the living room? Relax, some ornamental closet design inspiration for this modern minimalist living room you can use as a reference.

Which house doesn’t have a closet? A closet represents one of the essential elements of furniture that exists in a house. This closet is usually placed in kamar, family room and even in the living room. Some are custom made, some are woody even some are of glass. In addition to being a storage area, cabinets also play a role of adding aesthetic value in each room.

In one’s own living room, cabinets are usually used to display decorations, decorations, lacquerware, or whatever is the homeowner’s collection. Well for you who want to have a meme.iki minimalist cabinets to place in the living room, here are some inspirational modern minimalist living room closet designs you can refer to. So let’s check it out guys!

Living Room Cabinet

Modern Minimalist Living Room Cabinet Design Inspiration

1. An ornamental cabinet made of minimalized wood with lighting

Make those of you who want natural shades with aesthetic impressionsik, there is a minimalist wooden cabinet design that comes with LED lights as lighting. This closet design has an open concept, where it is predominantly with a doorless rack. You can display all your precious collections in this wooden cabinet with aesthetics.

2. Wooden ornamental cabinets with hose-sealing concept

Next there is a living room cabinet design of drilled wood at filling one side of the room. This cabinet design is made hose-sealing between a rack with doors and a rack without doors. This makes this wooden cabinet look more aesthetic. Its minimalist design also gives your home a modern atmosphere.

3. Wooden cabinets with elegant shades of green

Green tosca or emerald green is indeed capable of creating Elegant impression, for that, you can design your wooden cabinet with an elegant combination of green colors. A closet design designed as high as the palphon of this house will make your living room even more attractive and aesthetic.

4. White-nuanced minimalist closet design

If in the living room you have a little spot left, then You can custom design cabinets whose widths are made to fit those blank spots. If your house’s dining is white, then you can design cabinets in all white to give the living room a minimal feel.

5. Minimalist closet design in Mediterranean style

Well for those of you who want to have a living room with an impression of elegan yet minimalist-looking, could be with this one’s Mediterranean-style wardrobe. The curved design forms a curve on this cabinet giving the elegant impression of being fit to be placed in your guest house.

6. Classic minimalist cabinet with glass doors

Next there is a closet with classic design bThe glass door that you can make inspiration your living room’s ornamental closet. This kind of closet design is usually dominated by natural wood colors, you can apply white to give a minimalist and neutral impression, making it suitable for placement in your modern minimalist living room.

7. Minimalist cabinets for the cramped living room

Make you who have a small living room, and want to place cabinets as display containers or books, you can make these block-shaped cabinets an inspiration. This closet design doesn’t eat much of the place and its material from you makes the living room atmosphere more natural.

8. Modern minimalist glass cabinet black nuanced

There is also a glass cabinet design with a hita framem that will make your living room look modern. This glass cabinet will exhibit all your collections with more aesthetics and also safe from dust. Placing a glass cabinet one will make your living room more attractive.

9. Minimalist wooden cabinets with glass doors

Next there was a minimalist wooden cabinet with a glass door that makes all your collection visible with aesthetics. This cabinet design is not made too high nor is it too wide, so it is suitable for you who have a not-so-wide living room.

10. Design a two-door minimalist cabinet with wooden foot

This minimalist closet design can also be you fix it in your space The cabinet with this 2-door glass design has a soft pastel color. So it is suitable for houses with minimalist designs. The four wooden legs supporting this cabinet also make its design even more unique.

11. Modern minimalist closet design full glass door and white nuances

Need an esthetic minimalist cabinet to place all ber collectionsyour price? You can design your closet like the closet design in the picture above. The white-nuanced closet has a box shape with wooden legs that makes it unique. The cabinet is also painted white with a full glass door. Not only is this unique and aesthetic, but it also chooses elegant shades.

12. Design of minimalist cabinets with different height combinations

This minimalist closet design is usually fit to be placed under the stairs. Yet it is quite interesting also as a modern living room cabinet. The design made resembles a ladder that is with different height combinations, allowing you to lay home decorations in addition to your precious collection.

13. Modern minimalist closet design with parts for sofa place

Inspired closet design for the next modern minimalist living room aIt is the design of the cabinet that forms the inverted “U”. This cabinet design is usually combined with a TV rack, but you can also place a sofa in the cabinet gap. This will make your living room look more attractive.

14. Modern minimalist closet design, with corner glass

Next there is a modern aesthetic closet design with mem-angle glassmake your collection exhibited in an elegant way. In addition to having corner glass, this minimalist closet design also has marble motifs on its surface and thus adds a luxurious feel.

15. Decorative aesthetic minimalist cabinet design

Another modern minimalist closet design that you can inspire is a door less closet design with mesh-like covers on the back. This makes the closet look more aesthetic let alone equipped with LED light lighting.

16. Design of minimalist wooden shelf cabinets

Well make you who like things-haI’m simply nuanced, you can make the design of the minimalist cabinet above an inspiration. It is a minimalist shelf cabinet made of wood like dutch teak which is identical to the color of bright wood. This closet design will make your living room look even more attractive.

17. Design of minimalist cabinets made of wood curve-shaped

Minimalist mo living room closet designThe next deern is a closet design of wood that has a curve shape. This cabinet comes with a glass door that makes it look more unique. It is perfectly fit to be placed in the living room.

18. Design of modern minimalist cabinets grey nuanced

Next there’s that closet design inmake custom with height that reaches the ceiling of the house. This closet design has shades of grey aka gray that comes with lighting from small bulbs in each rack. This makes the closet look more aesthetic and your collection can be beautifully displayed in the ornamental closet.

19. Design of minimalist cabinets made of wood naturally-guansaturated

Suitable ornamental forged cabinet designthe tkan in the next living room is a shelf cabinet design made of this one wood. Its simple design with natural wood color makes the cabinet suitable for displaying diverse types of home displays. In addition, this closet also makes the living room look more natural.

20. Design of industrial theme cabinet racks

One more ornamental cabinet design for space guest is this one industrial themed closet design. This shelf cabinet design, made of wood supported with strong black iron. The combination of the two elements is able to create a modern and unique appearance cabinet.


Well that’s him some design inspiration a modern minimalist living room cabinet that you can make reference to in choosing the right furniture for your home. May it be worthwhile!

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