Minimalist Narrow Bedroom Design Inspiration

The cramped bedroom is no obstacle for you to have a comfortable, neat and aesthetic bed you know! There are currently many examples of minimalist narrow bedroom designs that you can take inspiration in designing your narrow bedroom interior. Even within the limitations of the room, you can have complete facilities, not only beds, but also closets, workbench to shelves and enough space for weeds to pass. To decorate a cramped room, you cleverly maximize the function of space to keep the room from looking crowded. To this end, here are some inspirational minimalist narrow bedroom designs you can try to get a comfortable room.

Minimalist Bedroom Design

Minimalist Narrow Bedroom Design Inspiration

1. Narrow bedroom design with corner table and outboard shelf

The minimalist narrow bedroom design that you can make the first inspiration for is a super narrow bedroom that uses a single bed design with a heated storage to maximize its function. The room design also uses a concise corner table type and an outboard shelf thus saving space. The wardrobe used is also a small one with a simple design. This minimalist narrow bedroom design is suitable for a dozen-year-old teenager.

2. Small bedroom design minimalist pastel nuances and has a fairly wide window

If you have a small room and want to be used as a bedroom, then make sure that the room has a wide enough window to keep the atmosphere in the room from stuffy. You can also look for a furiture whose width adjusts the size of the room to keep the room from overcrowding. Decorating a narrow room in pastel blue combined with white can also be an alternative to making the room look more comfortable and beautiful.

3. Minimalist room design with neat monochrome shades

A narrow bedroom design with paint and monochrome ornate decorations can also be the right choice. Monochrome colors give a minimalist impression on your bedroom. Also, you can also take advantage of a sofa-like functional bed to save more space.

4. Design of a girly ornate narrow minimalist bedroom with picture window

Installation of picture windows on narrow bedrooms is also an appropriate way to prevent cramped rooms from feeling stuffy and overcrowded. You can put your workbench or your dressing table in front of that super-large glass window. Also, you can choose a concise single bed model and a wall paste rack model to further save space in your bedroom.

5. Design of minimalist narrow rooms with enhanced beds

The limitation of the room does not mean that you cannot have a comfortable, tidy room. You can do this by making a higher wooden floor for your bed. You can design it as shown above, where the wooden floor can also serve as a storage shelf, whether it’s for storing, blankets, bed covers, cushions or other room supplies. That way, your room won’t feel crowded.

6. Narrow bedroom design with bed area and work place separated

For those of you who work from home, then this one-room design can be a choice for you. Although your room is narrow, however you can install partitions to separate the bed area from the workbench area. However you still make sure to select or create a multifunctional partition model to save more space. Also make sure your room has wide light access so it doesn’t feel stuffy and overcrowded.

7. Design of a narrow minimalist bedroom with a cabinet, and an arranged shelf attached to one side of the wall

The only way to set up a cramped bedroom is to look for furniture that is multifunctional and can save space. Some of them are choosing beds with cots that have storage shelves so that they are multifunctional to the point of choosing a walled outboard rack that saves space. The wardrobe should also be the minimal one and adapted to the extent of the room. This way you still have enough space in your room, at least to do floor exercise in your room.

8. Design of a narrow, green-nuanced minimalist bedroom that maximizes space

If you’re a green enthusiast, you can really imitate the design of this minimalist narrow room. By choosing a bed model with multifunctional shelves and a workbench attached to the bed, this will make your room look more concise. The shelves attached to the walls also allow you to keep books or room decorations neater and arrayed so that the rooms don’t feel crowded. Make sure your restroom has maximum light access so it doesn’t feel stuffy.

9. Minimalist all-white bedroom design with both bed and wardrobe

Next, you can mimic the design of a narrow, minimalist room with an all-white one in.i. Using a concise, multifunctional bed and equipped with a wardrobe attached to the side of the bed, make your narrow room look more roomy. Make sure your bedroom has windows to maximize light in space.

10. Narrow bedroom design minimalist with masculine impression

Another minimalist narrow room design that you can make inspiration for is kama designr the scanty furniture. This room design uses a custom cabinet model created adjusting the room area. Then there are only single beds, nakas tables and outboard shelves with minimal decorations. This bed design looks not only minimal but also masculine because it blends black and white monochrome colors. Suitable for c nurseryboth adolescent and adult owoks.

11. Convenient narrow bedroom design with multifunctional rack

You can also replicate the design of this one narrow room. By installing racks at once heated multifunction for beds that also serve as storage cabinets. You hereby need no more wardrobe, for clothes you can keep on the shelf under your bed. You can also use the folding table model so that it can save more space when not in use.

12. Narrow bedroom design with cool industrial urban chic style

Still with the same concept as putting a bed on a custom rack that doesn’t only serves as a shelf but also serves as a level floor to lay your bed on. This will make your bedroom have a 2 level floor. Also, to give an artistic impression, you may use an unfinished wall model showing a red brick arrangement. It represents an industrial urban chic style yes you can apply it to your cramped room.

13. Super narrow bedroom design with wide windows

If you have a super narrow room and it’s only possible to put one single bed, then you can imitate the design of this one room. Make sure the room has a wide window so that the room residents can be comfortable when in the room. If possible, create a window model that slits outward to give the impression of a wider space.

14. Design of a narrow bedroom complete with a workbench or study table

Next you can replicate the design of minimalist rooms such as the gamar above. Always menfaatap the concise furnishings that permeate space. Position the bed and table attached to the dinsing so that it leaves enough space for the children’s playground. The design of this narrow room is suitable for all ages.

15. Minimalized narrow bedroom design with dominating wooden elements

In addition to maximizing lighting, you can also highlight wooden elements in the kama designr your narrow minimalist. From using cabinets,table to wooden floors. Wooden elements are capable of giving a warm and minimalistic impression on your room design.

16. Decorative minimalist narrow bedroom design

Although your room is narrow, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a decorative room. Although the placement of furniture and displays should be minimized, you can do so by making wooden decorations on the ceiling, and coloring the walls with the concept of “half”. A concise bed selection will also make your room look more roomy and certainly more decorative.

17. Pretty minimalist narrow bedroom design with tosca shades

For those of you who want to have a pretty bedroom even though it’s narrow, then you can keep it this one’s minimalist room design. Utilizing the color tosca for the walls of the room, the room looks gorgeous with a combination of wooden elements. Beds made one level higher than the floor make your room look more spacious and beautiful.

18. Super simple narrow bedroom design

If you’re the type who doesn’t like the stuff in the room, then this super simple room design you can replicate. Simply place a single bed with a multifunctional cauldron, which can be used as a storage for clothes and so on as well as a nakas neja, you can get a comfortable bed. Make sure your bedroom has windows to make the incoming lighting more maximized and avoid stuffy impressions on your room.

19. Minimal decoration narrow bedroom design

Minimizing display or decoration constitutes sIt is one way to make a narrow room more tidy and comfortable. Try to include only needed furniture such as floating tables, chairs and certainly beds that can save space in your room.

20. Design of a narrow bedroom with a mirror that wide

One more way to make your cramped room into wider is by putting a super wide mirror on one side of the room. This will make the cramped bedroom look more spacious.

Final Words

Well that’s him some inspirational room design narrow and minimalist that you can reference in designing a comfortable bedroom.

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