Minimalist And Elegant Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

For those of you who have plans to marry but are confused about determining a cool wedding invitation design, take it easy, because this time Unique Blog will be a variety of minimalist and elegant wedding invitation designs that you can inspire in designing your dream wedding invitation.

As we know, determining wedding invitations is one part of wedding preparation that quite drains the mind. This is because each couple definitely wants a “perfect” design, looks beautiful and could contain complete information regarding wedding events.

Wedding invitation designs themselves usually follow the theme of a wedding. For example, your wedding companion is flowers, so the invitation design will also have flower elements in it. Even so, many couples design their wedding invitations very minimally but keep an elegant look.

Well for those of you who want to have minimalist and elegant wedding invitations, here are a variety of examples of wedding invitations that you can inspire in designing your wedding invitations and your beloved couple.

Minimalist And Elegant Wedding Invitation

Minimalist And Elegant Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

1. Invitation card design of minimal and elegant acrylic glass

Design idea of minimalist and elegant wedding invitation that you can jaenlivened inspiration begins with an invitation design made of acrylic glass. On top of that acrylic glass you can highlight when and where you celebrate the wedding with a variety of your favorite graphics. The invitation design also comes with an envelope that tempelles with wax seal stickers. Although the use of acrylic glass is more expensive than the use of paper, this invitation design is suitable for those of you who want your invitation card to be durable and can be used as a display.

2. Minimal aesthetic wedding invitation design of calc paperir

You can also try to design an invitation card out of kalkir paper. transparent and slightly opaque. This will make your wedding look more aesthetic and modern. One example of a suitable invitation design using calkir paper is a flower-themed invitation as shown above. Equipped with pastel-colored envelopes and wax seal stickers, you will also feel proud when you send invitations to your friends or relatives.

3. Elegant wedding invitation design with laser cut ber envelopenavy blue

Well for those of you who want the wedding invitation to look elegant and Exclusive impression, then you can create an envelope for your invitation with the help of laser cut technique. The shape can be lace-up or any other ornamental shape you like. In addition, you can also add belly bands either from tape or from paper and tags to write your name or wedding logo or you can also write the names of potential invitees.

4. Minimalistic elegant wedding invitation design tosca

Like the plain-smelling? You can replicate the invitation design like picture above. You can add a gold list to your invitation card design and use envelopes with one color according to your wedding theme. Examples are like green tosca that look minimalistic yet elegant. To perfect it you can add wax seal stickers to wrap your wedding invitation envelopes.

5. Rustic-themed minimalist invitation design with tags

Well for those of you who want to have a pretty invitation design and elegant but also want to charge, then you can replicate this one’s elegant minimalist wedding invitation design. You can design your invitation square by using brown paper. Then coat it with dolley foil on both sides. If you want more detailed lace motifs, you can also use laser cut techniques to shape them. To add a classic and rustic impression, you can wrap straps and tags on your invitation design.

6. Modern minimalist invitation design colored dusty blue with gold glitter design and wax seal stickers

Next you can design your wedding invitation simply but still look elegant with using plain envelopes coupled with the use of belly bands and wax seal stickers. For his own invitation card it is designed simply with a watercolor ornament and a gold-colored glitter. This will make your invitation look minimalist and elegant.

7. Super aesthetic minimalist invitation design with green laser cut paper coatings and abdominal bands transparent vellum

The next minimalist and elegant wedding invitation design you can imitate is invitation design esthetic with stringed paper from laser cut techniques. It also comes with belly bands and wax seal stickers so it makes your wedding invitation card very concise yet pretty

8. Elegant minimalist invitation design green with gold color touch

You can also design your wedding invitations to look minimalist but to feel luxurious by using dark green and gold color touch for your invitation theme. You can also take advantage of recycled paper types to give your wedding invitations a unique texture.

9. Super minimal yet elegant wedding invitation design with soft cream shades

The minimalist and elegant wedding invitation design above can also be imitated for those of you who like it.n practical smelling things. Enough with a piece of paper and an envelope, even a wedding invitation. But to give a sweet decoration, you can choose a pretty and dramatic font type with the addition of minimalist flower sketches. This will make your wedding invitation comfortable to read.

10. Minimal elegant wedding invitation design with ribbon and wax seal stickers

You can also design your wedding invitations aesthetically and elegantly by adding s decorations tape etymology. Use recycled paper types for invitation cards and make minimalist envelopes with wax seal stickers. Simply wrap it with a ribbon, and you can get a sweet and aesthetic invitation design.

11. Minimalist wedding invitation design of recycled paper

Still using recycled paper, you can look for kera nude or light brown recycling bag to get a minimalist and elegant set of wedding invitation designs. You can also use the handwriting font model to give your invitation a classic impression.

12. Minimalist wedding invitation design with wax seal stickers

Design idea wedding invitation minimalist and elegant next well, you can replicate it is this creamy and gold-colored invitation design. You can wrap your wedding invitation card with cream colored paper, then wrap it with a strap and wrap it with wax seal stickers. For fonts and wax seal stickers, you can look for gold colored ones for bellish elegant impression on your minimalist invitation.

13. Super elegant and luxurious invitation design with acrylic and box velvet

Wedding invitations are usually identical to the envelope, however for you who want new shades and others than others, you can replace envelopes with fancy velvet boxes. In addition, invitation cards usually made of paper may also be replaced with acrylic glass. The design of this wedding invitation can be at once as a souvenir of your wedding.

14. Modern minimalist invitation design black nuanced with sent gold color

The blend of black and gold is indeed able to give a yan impressiong minimalist and fancy. You can also apply it to your minimalist and elegant wedding invitation design. Start with envelopes and invitation cards can use black colored paper and gold colored ink.

15. Elegant minimalist invitation design with ribbon and wax seal stickers

Well for those of you who like cute nuanced invitations, you bisa imitated the design of this one’s wedding invitation. Using pastel color for envelopes and white color for the filling, the invitation design looks sweet with mint green ribbon lids and is refined with wax seal stickers.

16. Minimalist wedding invitation design in chocolate color

Those of you who want a simple invitation design and practically, then you can replicate the design of this one wedding invitation. The invitation’s design features a sweet chocolate cinamon shade with a simple font selection. The invitation looks minimalist yet still has an elegant impression. It suits you who like simple things.

17. Pretty simple invitation design with florid ornate envelopes

The idea of design of minimalist and elegant wedding invitations is next invitation design with a black colored envelope yet the inside is florally ornate. Although the invitation card is simply made, however as the envelope is opened then happy nuance will be felt on those who receive invitations from you.

18. Minimalistic wedding invitation design with straps and tags

For those of you who like florid themes, then you can also imitate designs a simple wedding invitation to this one. The envelope for the invitation was designed with pictures of sweet foliage and flowers, then wrapped with buts and added tags. This invitation design can be a solution for those of you who want to save money but still get a pretty and elegant invitation.

19. Minimalist wedding invitation design with hat-shaped decoration

Don’t want to use an envelope? Relax, you can replicate the design of the this one’s wedding. To wrap the invitation card to make it more attractive, you may form a rather thick paper into a heart shape instead of a unique envelope. Don’t forget to add ribbon lilings to make them appear sweeter.

20. Super simple invitation design of burlap sack envelope

Wedding invitation design with burlap sack is also very popular with oleh a young couple. For minimalist invitation designs, you can design your invitation in a single sheet of paper that is then wrapped in a sheet of burlap sack and wrapped around a string. You can also add tags to let people know that you’re getting married. This will make your wedding invitation nampak is different from others.

21. Rolled minimalist wedding invitation design

Want to have a wedding invitation design that looks like a rollan Imperial edict? You can also replicate the design of this one invitation. You can use the burlap sack as a base for your invitation card that is then rolled up and tied with a strap and then given a tag. For those of you who want to be different from others, it is possible to imitate the design of this one wedding invitation.


Well there he is some idea of design minimalist wedding invitations and elegan that you can inspire in making the wedding invitation you want. So have you fixed the wedding date yet?

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