Kitchen Mini Bar Design Inspiration Small, Minimal And Modern

Want to have an attractive kitchen and make it home to cook delicious dishes for the family? Inspired mini bar design for this minimalist, modern small size kitchen can be your choice.

The presence of a mini bar in the kitchen area is indeed one of the kitchen designs that many people love. It’s because the cooking area combined with the mini bar in this one place will make the kitchen functional optimally. Because it not only serves as a cooking area but can also be a gathering area with family and friends. Even for small families, the mini bar can serve as a substitute for tableware or as a place to prepare food items.

Well for those of you who are looking for kitchen references with the concept of a mini bar. Here are some examples of a minimalist, modern little kitchen mini bar that you can inspire. So let’s check it out guys!

Kitchen Mini Bar Design Inspiration

Kitchen Mini Bar Design Inspiration Small, Minimal And Modern

1. Design of a mini bar that blends with the stove area

First there is a creamy minimalist kitchen design. This minimalist kitchen design is made with the stove area fused with the mini bar. It comes with a placemat and bar chair from rattan, making the kitchen mini bar look more attractive. Families or relatives can also sit in the mini bar while watching others cook.

2. Small kitchen design with fused mini bar with kitchen island

For those with limited kitchen area, it can also be menaEven a minimalist mini bar that can be used as a kitchen island, so you can be more free in preparing groceries. This minimalist kitchen mini bar design also looks attractive with a touch of wood decoration on walls and ceilings.

3. Natural ornate small kitchen mini bar design

Another kitchen mini bar design that’s interesting make it inspirational is the wooden kitchen mini bar design that is attached to the wooden decoration on the wall. The mini bar is also equipped with a wooden high chair so it gives the kitchen a natural feel. In addition, you can also give brick features to the kitchen set area to make the natural shades of the kitchen you are more felt.

4. Design of a small kitchen mini bar as kitchen and family room divider

For those of you who have a small kitchen and a tertiary kitchen with a family room, it is possible to add a minimalist mini bar as a barrier between the kitchen and the family room. In addition to being used as an additional cooking area or kitchen island, the mini bar design of this minimalistic wooden material can also be a substitute for tableware.

5. Minimal small kitchen mini bar design, there a touch of wooden elements and monochrome shades

Example kitchen design with mini bar that you can make the next reference is a kitchen design with a wooden mini bar attached to the wall. The mini bar also has a different height from the kitchen island so it won’t interfere with activities on the table of the bar. In addition, the minimalist kitchen design is monochrome as if it blends with the design a mini bar made of wood thus creating a warm minimalist impression.

6. Mini bar on minimalist kitchen that is full of marble

Next there is a marble-coated kitchen mini bar that looks minimalist and luxurious as well as perfecting your kitchen area. The mini bar also comes with three modern black ornate bar seats. You can sit in the mini bar drinking or helping your mother or wife cook.

7. Design of mini bar on open kitchen wall

There is also a kitchen mini bar design that looks like exist on an open wall. This kind of mini bar design was intentionally created to give bulkheads to kitchen areas and other rooms while also making the narrow kitchen look wider. To give a more vivid impression, you can add woody elements and living plants to both the mini bar and kitchen areas You.

8. Mini bar table integrated with kitchen island yet different elements

For those of you who want the kitchen pretty and attractive, you can add a wooden mini bar by adding three tall bar seats to your kitchen island area. Meanwhile, on the top you can apply a bar hanging rack with additional indoor ornamental plants. In addition, you can also design your kitchen with additional wallpaper or shampoo unique horned.

9. Small kitchen mini bar with vivid shades

There’s a mini bar in your small kitchen, no hmembuat makes it look attractive, yet also gives someone flexibility when they want to gather in the kitchen. To this end, to make your mini bar look attractive and comfortable you can add 3 round chairs, and an industrial-themed hanging rack with an ornamental plant so that your kitchen mini bar looks Lebih lively and comfortable.

10. Minimalist kitchen with multifunctional mini bar

Furthermore there is a highly multifunctional minimalist mini bar design, in addition to being a bar table, it could also serve as a kitchen island and a dining area. The design blends with the kitchen set so it only needs to add a tall bar seat only. Also, you can also add a hanging rack out of glass to make your kitchen and mini bar appearance more attractive.

11. Modern minimalist small kitchen mini bar

Mini bar design that blends with this kitchen set can also be a reference. Having a masculine monochrome tone and being given a gold touch makes the kitchen with this mini bar look elegant and modern. It suits those of you who like modern minimalist interior styles.

12. Small kitchen mini bar design that is ornate calm and modern

Example of a kitchen mini bar that is good for perfecting kitchen minYour next imalis is a mini bar that exceeds the kitchen island height and uses the same marble material as the floor. It is then equipped with a wooden-material hanging rack as a wine storage place. This kitchen mini bar is also equipped with a high chair so you can enjoy a drink while chatting with your mother or wife who is cooking.

13. Kitchen with semi outdoor mini bar

To give you fresh shades, you can also make a mini bar on the outside of the kitchen. You can provide wide openings or sliding windows to use as mini bars. The mini bar as well as the kitchen are perfect for enjoying a meal or drink while enjoying the fresh air. But if you don’t want rain, you can apply a transparent roof to keep your mini bar area from getting wet because of the rain, but keep it bright in the sun.

14. Small kitchen with minimalist mini bar

For those of you who have a small kitchen set, you can cook mini bar is complete with a hanging shelf at the top so your kitchen has a wider space for preparing groceries. This small mini bar is made of wooden material with table legs made of iron. Not only can it be used as a mini bar, but it can also be used as both a dining area and a kitchen island.

15. Artsy-nuanced kitchen mini bar

You have a small, artsy kitchen with features is unique yet doesn’t have enough space to prepare food ingredients to be cooked? You can add a minimalist mini bar in addition to your kitchen island. The mini bar’s design is minimalistic with wooden ornate surfaces and white ornate legs. It also comes with a bar seat with a cushion cushion and is cute.

16. Kitchen mini bar natural nuances and chic touches

You can also make mini bars out of wood with a sentuhan glass on the leg part of the table. This mini bar you can apply to a natural ornate kitchen design that highlights wood elements as well as the artistic touch of a unique kitchen set wall feature.

17. Minibar design kitchen minimalist as well as kitchen island

Make those of you who like minimalist things and Clean, you can replicate a sample kitchen with this one mini bar. This cooking area has a touch of wooden elements as well as a white marble color that makes the kitchen with this mini bar look minimalist and clean. The mini bar on this kitchen can also work as a kitchen island as well as a place to eat because it has a measure that

18. Kitchen mini bar in front of the window

Those of you whose kitchen is have no area loss to place the mini bar, then you can attach your mini bar to the window. Not only does it give you more space for cooking, but you can also enjoy the outside view while sitting in your kitchen mini bar while getting married die of both the tea and the food you cook.

19. Mini bar kitchen design of wood as well as table maright

Mated with wood and equipped with four buaH chair, this simple kitchen mini bar you can make it a kitchen island as well as a dining table. Its presence makes your kitchen area look more attractive and complete. It is suitable for you who have a narrow room.

20. Small kitchen mini bar with industrial concept

Another example of a small minimalist kitchen mini bar and the next modern is a mini bar with a mid century concept of industrial style chime. This kitchen mini bar is designed to be the same as the kitchen set, where the surface of the table is patterned with wood and foot parts as well as storage shelves are painted white. This cooking area is also refined with a monochrome-framed floorom, brick walls as well as ceilings with a touch of woodblocks. The overall kitchen with this mini bar will make householders at home hang out in the kitchen area.

Well there she is some mini bar reference little kitchen yang minimalist and modernist that you can make inspiration in creating a comfortable and attractive cooking area. May it be worthwhile!


Well there it is some of the minimalist and modern mini kitchen bar references that you can make inspiration in creating a comfortable and attractive cooking area. May it be worthwhile!

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