Design Inspiration of Minimalist Swimming Pool Behind the House

Looking for a minimalist pool design for the back area of the house? Relax, because this time Unique Blog comes with a variety of minimalist pool designs that you can reframe if you build a pool in the house behind the house.

The backyard area of the house, as we know it is usually used as an outdoor relaxing area. Some chose to make it as a garden, garden, terrace with gazebo to the course of the pool.

Having a private pool behind the house is certainly a dream of many people, much less who do have a hobby of swimming. You can swim freely whenever you want, without having to pay like in a public swimming pool.

Well if you’re planning on creating a pool in your backyard, here are some inspirational design of the minimalist pool behind the house that you can reference. So let’s check it out guys!

Swimming Pool Behind the House

Design Inspiration of Minimalist Swimming Pool Behind the House

1. Design of an elongated “L” shape minimalist swimming pool

The first there is a minimalist pool design for hthe back nature of the house that forms the elongated letter “L”. This is suitable for those of you who have an elongated plot of land in the backyard. With the shape of a pool like this, you can still have a garden in your yard. Dana is also a private swimming pool that you can use as a place to practice swimming every day because its elongated shape suits those of you with swimming hobbies.

2. Minimalist swimming pool for narrow land with deck wood

Next there is a minimalist pool for page ba cramped house. This not-too-large pool design is surrounded by wooden decks that make the area around the pool more natural. Although not decorated with plants, the application of wood decking to the pool area may add aesthetic value to your minimalist pool design.

3. Design of a chic minimalist swimming pool with apesmics and wooden decks

You can also turn your backyard with the swimming pool is chic like the pool design in the above picture. The design of this swimming pool is built with a fusion of ceramics and wooden decks. Ceramic floors with motifs unique to the ground floor and walls of the swimming pool, anti-slip floors for the periphery of the swimming pool and wooden decks for relaxing areas. This swimming pool, also equipped with several tropical plants and sunbathing chairs made of rattan, thus adding esthetic swimming lam.

4. Small pool design with natural shades

Well blind you who want to have a minimum pool bern is naturally nuanced, you can try the pool design behind this one. The small swimming pool is surrounded by walls built by natural stones that are then decorated with tropical plants. At the waist of one side of the pool is a wooden deck that can be used for sunbathing areas after swimming. This pool design is suitable for families who have small children who like to play water like swimming because lThe expandability is safe enough for children’s sizes.

5. Design of elongated narrow swimming pools

As for those of you who want to have a pool pa personality that can be used to practice swimming every day, can try the design of a swimming pool whose shape extends like this. Because of its elongated shape, the design of the swimming pool is well suited to build on narrow, elongated land. Even when possible, you can still create a park around the pool area.

6. Design of a swimming pool on top of a for the backyard of a house

Well for those of you who want to save on pool construction costs, could use a pool type above ground level this one. It says it saves money because you don’t have to rent a digging ground service to create a swimming pool. The construction time of above-ground swimming pools is also faster than that of pools planted on the ground, thus making them cheaper. This pool design is also very friendly for those with active toddlers or young children, as they won’t slip easily into the pool.

7. Design of minimalist swimming pools on limited land

The pool design is like the picture above. You can also apply if you have very limited land. You can create a swimming pool between rooms such as a dining area and a family room. Next to the pool you can also create a path that connects the dining area and the family room. To give a more natural impression, you can also add plants in some pool spots. This private minimalist pool design will make your homes look more aesthetic.

8. Design of a pool behind a house with tropical shades

Likes the tropics? You can design a swimming pool in back house by taking an example on the picture of the swimming pool above. The design of the pool does look like a regular rectangular pool, but the area around the pool makes it look special. You can design your dream pool by making green walls with fountains that fall onto the surface of the pool. There is also a relaxing arena of wooden decks and gardens decorated with natural rocks. Even you can add a special place to light a campfire, so the pool area looks more aesthetic.

9. Design of above-ground swimming pools with an all-white atmosphere

For those of you who like the famous Santorini atmosphere, then you could mimic the design of a resort-style minimalist pool in Santorini this one. The design of the pool is a type of pool on top of the ground, with the walls of the pool and the area around the pool in white. The pool is small in size so it is suitable for adult soaking. To add shade, you can keep trees like bougenvil trees to add Santorini’s distinctive impression.

10. Design of a small minimalist swimming pool behind the house

Swimming pool design for narrow land behind meet house is to build a rectangular-shaped swimming pool equipped with a fountain. On the outskirts of the swimming pool, you can create a mini garden filled with tropical plants. Also, you can also make a relaxing area with an anti-slip floor that dries quickly with additional seats for sunbathing. This pool design will make your backyard look shady.

11. Type of lounge pool for narrow land

Create those of you who want to have a pool and also a green yet land-limited backyard, could mimic the pool design of this one. You can choose the type of lounge pools which are the types of pools devoted to soaking like jacuzzi. With this pool, it allows you to still have greenlands with a lounge pool and a lounge from wooden decks.

12. Curved pool design with the ornate villa Bali

If you want to have a pool with The ornate villa in Bali, you can use the narrow area of your backyard to build a swimming pool with this one curved shape. In addition to the shape that can be adapted to the shape of your backyard, on the periphery of the pond you can decorate with natural rocks and gardens dominated by tropical plants. Don’t forget to give the fountain to adds aesthetic value to your pool.

13. Design of a minimalist pool with fountain water

Inspired minimalist pool design at the bell the next house is a square-shaped swimming pool design with a fountain on its one side. The pool’s design is also decorated with unique walls of natural rock, there is also a greening garden and a relaxing arena.

14. Beach-themed swimming pool design

If your backyard is spacious enough, you can’t make a pool with this one beach theme. This beach-inspired pool is being hit as it presents a tropical beach atmosphere into your backyard. This pool design has a cetted part as a beachside and also has a deep part that can be used for swimming. Equipped also with pool round-shaped and tropical garden that increasingly adds value your pool aesthetics.

15. Design of a minimalist swimming pool on the bell terracea narrow armband

imitating this one’s minimalist pool design, With a size that adjusts the area of the backyard, at least you can have a pool that can be used soaking up when it’s hot, even you can create a relaxing area on the periphery of the pond. To add aesthetic impressions, you can add some plants in a pot around the pool area.

16. Design of a simple elongated swimming pool for narrow land

You can also replicate the design of a minimalist and simple pool one This is if you have a super-limited plot behind your house. You can fill the narrow area by building lap pools that are suitable for private swimming practice. Combined with wooden material around the pool, you can have a fairly attractive minimalist pool.

17. Small minimalist swimming pool design with relaxing area

This minimalist pool design can also be an inspiration. For a narrow plot of land, you can create a swimming pool with a simple box shape equipped with its fountain, on the periphery of the pool, you can make a relaxing area and a garden that is level higher than the relaxing area so that aging the pool becomes more shady and asriatic.

18. Design of a minimalist pool at the back of a se box-shaped house simplify

There are many ways to make the back of your house more esteticquette with swimming pools and parks. One is by building a simple box-shaped swimming pool suitable for children’s swimming spots, then padded with a bathtub. You can also decorate the pool with tropical plants that make the pool area more natural.

19. Minimalist back home pool design with lounge

Make those of you who like simple-simple, you can also make the pool as in the example above. This one pool is designed lengthwise with an “L” shaped lounge area. The pool’s design looks very minimalistic with plain white walls supported with a brightly colored slip-proof lounge floor. There are only a few palm plants that make the pool area even more aesthetic.

20. Swimming pool design that utilizes the corner in the backyard

One more inspirational pool design suitable for later yard laterang house is a small “L” shaped swimming pool design. The design of the swimming pool is equipped with fountains and gardens that are green. There is also a relaxing area with wooden decks making the pool area even more attractive.

Final Words

Well there you go some inspirational back home minimalist pool design that you can make reference to in designing your dream private pool. May it be worthwhile!

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