A Type of Leaf Ornamental Plant Along With Its Price

Nowadays ornamental plants are so popular with the public, it is so popular that many do not hesitate to spend enough money to get the desired ornamental plants. Having ornamental plants in the house is indeed one way to beautify or beautify the look of the house. The house also feels fresh and asriatic with an ornamental plant-type ornamental leaf.

These ornamental leaves are mostly chosen because the treatment is easier let alone when placed indoors.

Here are some types of ornamental leaves along with their prices that you might be interested in having.

21 Types of Leaf Ornamental Plants

A Type of Leaf Ornamental Plant Along With Its Price

1. Begonia Rex

The ornamental plant is classified into the family Begoniaceae, the species also part of the order Cucurbitales. This Begonia Rex has a leaf color that is so pretty with the sinews of the leaves that are more dense. This ornamental plant is well suited to be placed inside the space by using a white colored pot. The type also does not require enough light so it is suitable for use as a deckan in-house oration.

Price : Starting at Rp. 35,000 rp Rp. 100.000

2. Calathea Ornata

This Calathea Ornata is known as a prayer plant, this ornamental plant originated in South America and is cultivated in temperate countries as an ornamental plant. This Calathea Ornata has fairly large leaves with predominant in deep green as well as the veins of bleached leaves. Behind the leaves are crimson. This ornamental plant you can choose to beautify page because the leaves have their own distinctive features.

Price : Starting at Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 35.000

3. Calathea Black Lipstick

In addition to Calathea Ornata there is also Calathea Black Lipstick that you can choose as an ornamental plant at home. The ornamental plant has broad elliptical or oval leaves having purplish leaves with pink striped features. These leaves are so sensitive to dark light that they would be better used as indoor ornamental plants only.

Price : Starting at Rp. 80,000 – Rp. 125.000

4. Puring Leaves

turn out p-leafThis uring has the benefit of being a medicinal plant and can absorb lead elements derived from residual combustion fuel of motor vehicles. The ornamental plant has varying leaf shapes and colors, with green, yellow, orange, red, purple and mixed colors. While the shape of the leaves themselves is various, there are elongated, oval, wavy edges until the leaves are intermittent.

Price : start from Rp. 40,000 – Rp. 90.000

5. Dollar Leaves

Though name dollar leaf, its leaves are not money-shaped at all. This ornamental plant has thick, shiny leaves like false plants. This species of vines serves to adorn walls or fences of houses. Then it is better to plant it around walls or fences of houses only. It is said that this dollar leaf can bring good luck.

Price : Rp. 35.000

6. Wave of Love

Formerly this love wave man was popular in his time and now it’s not as expensive as it used to be. This Wave of Love is considered to have a pretty leaf shape because it has a wavy effect with long green-colored leaves. You can make these ornamental plants for home terraces or corner decorators.

Price : start from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 80.000

7. Broad Widow

Broad Widow atau is also known by its cool name Monstera adansonii. It is widely encountered in most of South America and Central America. During pandemic times, these ornamental plants were so popular with the public. This plant has a characteristic feature on its leaves which is to be decorated with holes in the middle of its leaves. The leaves also have a green color that soothes the eyes when looking at them.

Price : start from Rp. 23,000 – Rp. 120.000

8. Elephant Ears

The leaves are very broad shaped like a green heart with puith-colored sinews. In its own leaves are prominent urate currants white like crystals called crytallinium. The elephant’s ears are similar to the ornamental keladi-dadian plants only the size of the leaves is larger. It is also the most popular plant in the community because it is suitable for home decorating.

Price : start from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 55.000

9. Kadaka

Asplenium scoloa pendrium known as a hart tongue or hart tongue fern is a green fern in the genus Asplenium of the Northern Hemisphere. The ornamental plant has the features of bright green leaves and the shape is elongated by slightly wavy at the edges. If noticed, the wavy leaves are similar to love waves just smaller in size.

Price : start from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 40.000

10. Ornamental Keladi

Look at my garden penuh with keladi, yaps…. Currently keladi plants are still the incarceration of the community. Plants of this genus Caladium are of very many kinds. Having variable leaf shapes as well as varying colors makes people flock to look for them. At least every house must have one or two decorations for its decorations. There are several types of keladi you can put in rYou can sweeten the room.

Price : start from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 45.000

11. The Tongue of the In-laws

Sansevieria or tongue-in-law, this ornamental plant is quite popular as an interior decorator because it can grow well under conditions of little water and sunlight. This tongue-in-law has the characteristic of a hard, upright leaf and rasping at the end. The leaves are green with yellowish accents on the edges. Not only is it beautiful, it is also beneficial to health because it can absorb toxic materials such as carbondioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene that are not good for the human body.

Price : start from Rp. 10,000 – Rp. 50.000

12. The Lilies of lilies

Parisian lily dispensedt also with spider plants, these ornamental plants you can make an alternative when you have limited land. Not only can these Paris lilies be grown in pots, but they can also be planted directly or used as hanging plants. It is also very easy to care for because it is adaptable to all environments. It is also suitable for outdoor or indoor plants.

Price : start from Rp. 10,000

13. Monstera

Jeni ornamental plants this one being fancied and hunted by many circles. The characteristic of the plant lies in its hollowed-out leaves, but there are also those that do not have holes. This monstera is very widely used for home decorations or photo properties because it is indeed very aesthetic and instagramable.

Price : start from Rp. 168,000 – Rp. 350.000

14. Red Puck

As the name suggests, this ornamental plant has a red-colored puck part. It has a unique and pretty look, no wonder many like it. This ornamental plant is different from the one above because it can grow large and tall so it would be better to plant outdoors alone like a garden or as a garden fence.

Price : start from Rp. 22,500

15. Philodendron

The plant is of the liketumbuhan is a plant of the Araceae tribe that has a large number of species. Because of the beauty of the shape and colorfulness of the leaves, the ornamental plant is widely loved and made into a room or garden ornamental plant. Some of the species are creeping up and some are growing in the flesh. Philodendron can also grow in various environmental conditions.

Price : start from Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 170.000

16. Ivory sirloin

Adal ivory brushah semi-epiphytic vines that are commonly grown as garden or room dressing. It is made into a room dressing because it has a pretty leaf shape resembling a heart and is green with a whiteish yellowish color. Interestingly, this ivory cypress can grow up to a dozen meters long and 4 cm thick stem. Because of the creeping, many make it a hanging ornamental.

Price : start from Rp. 25,000

17. Supplir

The crop nails that is currently on the rise as the adornment of the room or garden is classed in the tributaries of the Vittarioideae, the Pteridaceae. Suplir has a small leaf size and is green in color. It loves humid places, clean air and little sun. In addition to being able to be placed in the corner of the room, it can also be hung as a hanging ornamental plant.

Price : start from Rp. 35,000

18. Sri Rejeki

Tana native habitatthis man is under tropical rainforest, growing both on areals with low radiating intensity and high humidity. This leafy ornamental plant is quite popular in Indonesia and is often used as an indoor ornament. One of the reasons why this ornamental plant is widely favored is the belief of the people who believe if it brings good luck.

Price : start dari Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 60.000

19. Deer’s

This plant memiliki have a distinctive appearance because it has two ental types with different functions and shapes. One of its entity types is branched in shape like a deer horn. It is also known as the symbar straddling and grows wild in various tropics and subtropics areas. In order to grow these plants, trees are usually hosted so that they can live.

Price : start from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 50.000

20. Walisongo (Schefflera Dianne)

Walisongo or SDianne chefflera is a leafy ornamental plant that has large, light green and glossy leaves. The leaves are compound leaves of which each tank consists of 4-12 leaf abacus. But the average consists of 9 leafy children. The tank is long straight that can support the flounder of leaves.

Price : start from Rp. 10,000 – Rp. 75.000

21. Zamia

Last there was Zamhe, this plant has compound leaves with cubs arranged face to face. The leaves can reach up to 100 centimeters in length. These ornamental leaves do not require much water, simply water them once every 3 days. This zamia you can put in the room as well.

Price : start from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 150.000


Well, that’s the beberapa the kind of leafy ornamental plant you can choose to beautify the house. From small to large ones, you can choose what you like.

*Note: Price listed above times may change depending on respective regions.

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