A Type of Fruit Plant in a Pot that Fastens Fruit

It’s sad, when we want to grow fruits at home but seeing the reality of the land at home is not enough. There’s no need to be sad anymore because even if we have a small yard or don’t have a garden at home, we can still do gardening. The right solution to this is to soak the fruits in a pot.

All this time maybe you’ve only seen ornamental plants that can be planted in pots, but you know what it turns out that fruits we can also grow using pots. But to note, not all kinds of fruits are suitable for planting in pots. Well, here are some kinds of fruit plants that can bear fruit even if they are only planted in pots.

Plant in a Pot

A Type of Fruit Plant in a Pot that Fastens Fruit

1. Apples

For those who like apples, this can be good news. It turns out that apples can be grown in pots. But all you have to pay attention to when growing it is to use a pot as big as it is, try to make it a pot size measuring 45 cm × 50 cm wide. In addition to the pelting pot also calculated, apple trees require about six hours of direct sunlight.

Apple plants are known to have to be planted in pairs to bear fruit because apple trees themselves cannot pollinate themselves. So from that it takes two different trees to do the pollination.

2. Apricot

This fruit may rarely be sold in Indonesia, but its presence is eagerly awaited by its enthusiasts. Rather than the dizziness of looking for the existence of this fruit, wouldn’t it be better to keep it on your own? This fruit plant turns out to be plant able in pots. It can also do the cutting itself so it’s enough to plant just one tree you’ve already can get the fruit, easy can’t it?

Apricot plants also love sunlight, but can also live inside cold temperatures. For planting media it is possible to use a growing medium in the form of a mixture of humus and manure with a 1:1 ratio. The treatment method is also easy enough to water it every twice a day and give fertilizer once a month using NPK fertilizer.

3. Blueberries

Next there is blueberry fruit, blueberry being one of the plants that has a long life and its growth is also classified as fast. The size of the plant also keeps growing, but don’t worry because it can also be grown in smaller pots. Provide a pot that is about 50 cm in size with a depth that reaches 45 cm.

A suitable growing medium is used for these blueberries which are cocopeat or compost. This blueberry pot is better placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight to quickly bear fruit.

But what you need to pay attention to is that this blueberry fruit needs friends. So it takes two blueberry plants of two different varieties for cross-pollination. Put these blueberry friends at close range. This blueberry fruit is also very popular with birds so protect this blueberry plant by giving a net around a plant or wrap a plant in plastic.

4. Pomegranate

The type of fruit plant in the pot that quickly bears fruit is next to pomegranate, the pomegranate has a shorter silvery system than other fruits so it will quickly grow in the pot. It is also known for its distinctive and unique taste, attracting again it is known for its high antioxidant content that is excellent for body health.

This plant is very easy to care for, simply water it 2-3 times a week and place it in the sun only. You can enjoy the fruit in less than two months. Interested in trying it?

5. Water guava

Fruit this one It’s very popular with people because it has enough water content so it’s a perfect fit to enjoy when the weather is hot. These guava are classified as fruit plants that harvest quickly in pots. For immersion it is recommended from grafted seedlings of a mother already bearing fruit.

strive for age the seeds are more or less 2 33 months old because it will be easier to grow in a potted medium. Don’t forget to do the dyeing at least 2 times a day and rejuvenate it once every 1 month. It can’t be wrapped up sometimes that guava is stricken by pests and diseases. To protect it. Better do the fruit wrapping, you guys can me.use clear plastic to wrap it.

6. Peanuts

In general These guava are grown a lot in the housekeeping area alone, but do you know if they can also be grown in pots? It is included in tropical fruits so it is recommended to be placed in a warm area and exposed to direct sunlight.

To plant This fruit, you only have to grow its seeds produced from the occulation process for about 4 months in a medium-sized pot. What should be noted when planting these guava, as the roots and stems are long enough and thick make sure that the pot used is strong enough to withstand the burden from the tree.

Do you know? Not only does it have a delicious flavor, but it also has sweet-scented flowers. Let’s hurry and plant it at home!

7. Lime Tangerines

the mothers Definitely want to have a fruit plant. This one in his house ban is lime. In addition to being able to be used as a kitchen seasoning, it can also be used as a traditional medicine. Make those who want to have this plant, you can grow it by using only pots.

To whacktkan quality lime and bear fruit quickly, don’t forget to do watering every afternoon. Also, don’t forget to do regular reaping and cleaning of lime stalks because these plants are more susceptible to pests.

8. Lemon

Colored fruit this yellow has a refreshing aroma and is usually used as a flavoring and refreshing in cooking. This medium-sized tree can reach up to 6 meters, even so it can also be planted in a pot. This lemon grows well in tropical and sub-tropical climates, yet it will not endure cold weather.

Pot selection to soak lemon. You also need to pay attention, it would be better to use a pot made of clay because it is porous and can remove water from the sides because the lemon plant is not good if it is submerged. Make sure if this lemon plant is exposed to direct sunlight and protected from the winda tight g.

Because you menanam using pot, be sure to trim trees regularly to keep their size small and easy to harvest.

9. Melon Orange

Yellow melon It has fruit that’s big enough and the plants are creeping so if thought of it it it’s impossible to grow at home. To outsmart this you can provide teralis or trunks to support the fruit and serve as a breeding ground for trees.

For melon to be able growing well and healthily. Use growing medium with soil mixture, manure, chaff charcoal by 1:2:3 comparison. Also give fertilizer to make melon growth more optimal.

Bua election is best chosen between 7th and 12th branches, you can trim other branches so that growth can be optimal. Or you could also trim the branches that appear on the armpits of the first to 8th leaves and leave the 9th to 13th leaves to grow.

10. Pineapple

Compared with other fruits, pineapples are classified as having shallow roots so that they can be grown in pots. Cut off the pineapple crown, then soak it in water for 1–2 days. Then plant it in the pot and place it in the sun.

To wear the fertilization results, so the watering process is needed at least sprinkle pineapple plants once every 2 weeks in the morning and afternoon. It also needs care in anticipation of weeds that could trigger the onset of pest and disease attacks. Therefore do the preparation to clean the rumpu.t or a bugging plant around the pot. Do not forget to perform ground welding to repair and maintain the ground structure.

11. Bananas

Banana is feed one kind of fruit plant that we can plant in a pot, you know, when thought of as impossible to grow in a pot. How to water a banana tree in a pot is easy enough, you just need a big pot with holes to get the water out so that the banana tree doesn’t get soaked in water.

Due to term askew tropical plants, these banana trees require enough sunlight. This banana plant also includes a year-old plant so you just grow it once and tara….the banana tree grows well at home. The banana tree in the pot can also give the house a tropical feel.

12. Peaches

This fruit teIt says it’s quite rare in Indonesia, this peach is from China. The fruit is a lot like an apple but when cut the peach has a different flesh color. It has yellow fruit flesh and has a fragrant aroma, sweet taste with crispy meat texture.

Peach it will grow well in lowland areas with tropical climates. The plant’s altitude if in its original habitat can be up to 4 to 10 meters. But if you are interested in growing it, you can use the pot as a place.

Make sure if plants have an active drainage system to keep plants from getting waterlogged because it can cause plants not to grow well or die. To support the growth, the plant is exposed to sunlight every day.

13. Raspberry

Next there are raceberries, this fruit is still one family with blackberries and blueberries. The size of the fruit is small and at the center is a cavity. Rasberry has a very sweet taste with a slight distinctive sour taste.

Bua planth this will very well grow in a place that has cold winter and spring. The fruit you can harvest when it’s bubbled red.

14. Strawberry

Warred fruit this red is perfect for growing pots because this plant includes a year-old plant so you only have to grow it once. Although it is only planted in pots, strawberries will quickly grow and bear fruit. Strawberries themselves can be harvested twice a year.

Place the fruit of this strawberry would be better with a good drainage system to keep the plants from rotting. Provide at least a pot measuring 45 cm with a minimum depth of 10 cm to denote 10 × 12 strawberry trees.

Strawberry can grows healthily if the tree is exposed to direct sunlight and set it to crown strawberries evenly with the surface of the compost.

15. Springboarda

In season summer, this fruit is becoming a lot of people because it has a considerable water content. This watermelon plant we can also plant in a pot, even the pot we can put indoors or outdoors. Just make sure if the plant is exposed to sunlight every day and watered frequently.

On the general watermelon grows, well because you guys use pots. At least this watermelon plant won’t fill the garden at home.

16. Srikaya

Srikaya merThe plant native to the tropics, the fruit is round in shape with many-eyed skin. The fruit flesh is white and the tree can reach an altitude of 8 meters. It can be grown in pots if trimming and maintenance are done well. In addition, this ironaya plant is also highly adaptable well with various soil and climate conditions.

17. Tomatoes

Plants to this mat is very fast in harvest even though it’s only planted in pots. If planted in a pot make sure tomatoes are buffered because the fruit is quite heavy. Furthermore by thickening the buffer, the plant life also becomes longer as it is stronger.

Plants to the mat also has its own challenges whereby it can be stricken by pests or disturbing diseases. But by appropriately feeding water and fertilizer as well as keeping fruit and plant parts from touching the ground, usually that can be overcome.

18. Orange Santang

Plant orange is generally cultivated in a well-developed or extensive garden. But make one that has limited land of these bushels can be grown by using a pot. These bushels bear fruit faster when they are 1 12 years old.

Care of these plants are disappeared quite easily when the dry season does faithful watering of 2 × 3 days once adjusted to the condition of the moisture of the growing medium. Don’t forget to give fertilizer regularly once a month by using NPK fertilizer (16-16-16). To be free from pests, you can use insecticides. Part of the pest usually comes when it grows new shoots and when flowers bloom until the fruit is toward old age.


That’s the type some kind of fruit plant in a pot that quickly bears fruit. Fruits should not be grown on large land, for example as above. Just by using the pot you can already have a variety of good fruits. Want to try planting it?

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