A Line of Outdoor Heat-Resistant Ornamental Plants

Nowadays ornamental plants are being loved by the public. In addition to being able to beautify the look of the house, it can also present a more acry atmosphere. Some ornamental plants also have good health benefits.

Make those of you new start-ups and interested in decoratingah with ornamental plants, it is best to choose ornamental plants that are resistant to heat. Because in general, many complain if ornamental plants look quick to wither more because the weather is hot.

If you choose heat-resistant ornamental plants, they don’t.k will quickly wither despite being stricken by sunlight. In addition, the care of these ornamental plants is also quite easy they do not require much water. Here’s a row of sun-resistant outdoor ornamental plants that are bi-heatedIf you choose.

Outdoor Heat-Resistant Ornamental Plant

A Line of Outdoor Heat-Resistant Ornamental Plants
A Line of Outdoor Heat-Resistant Ornamental Plants

1. Euphorbia Flower

Ornamental outdooThe first heat resistant you can grow at home is Euphorbia Flower. The flower can reach up to 40 180 180 cm in height and is an annual plant. There are a variety of variants that are possessed ranging from color to various types of petals, other than that the plant is also very easy to care for. In its time, it was popular, although now it is no longer successful. This Euphorbia Flower can still be used for home decorating.

2. Bougenvill Flowere

Bougenville a flowerThe more popular tau called paper flower is an ornamental plant that is resistant to sunlight. Even this plant is resistant to scorching heat. It is perfect for fulfilling a house ban because it is easy to care for and does not require much water. The flowers also have various colors and they are very dense sometimes you will find it hard to see the stems yourself. This paper flower has some pretty popule variantsr among other california gold, gold rush, after glow, bambino baby Allison, bambino baby victoria, bambino baby Lauren, cherry blossom, coconut ice, aandra, Barbara karst and bambino majik.

3. Stage Flower

This ornamental plant dapat flowers up to 4 times a year, to care for them is not very complicated and the plant can endure hot dicuaca. This pink-colored flower produces a florid flower with a flowering period of no more than a week. Although it is resistant to sunlight, it still does not like the scorching sun much because it can make its young leaves and stems burn.

4. Flower of Cambodia

The flower is authenticatedRight with funerals because these flowers are planted there a lot. But in Bali there are a lot of flowers planted at home as home decorators. This flower with a white color with a yellow accent on the center is very easy to park. Even this flower will quickly grow despite being in hot temperature though. Not only does it have a pretty color, it also gives off a distinctive scent.

5. Geranium flowers

If you hear this one flower may come to mind with its benefits that can repel mosquitoes. Geranium flowers or known also by the name of these terns are known as one of the sun’s heat-resistant outdoor ornamental plants. In addition to having pretty flowers, it is also very easy to care for. This flower can be used as a mosquito attack repellent, it is also used as an oil for perfume fragrance ingredient, soap dan ointment.

6. Flower Lantana Camara

Flower Lantana Seagulla or known by the name chicken tofu, saliara or turquoise is a flowering plant of the family Verbenaceae native to tropical regions of Central and South America. This pretty flower grows in an area of 1,700 m dpl and has many branches of between 0.5 4 4 m in height. Although it is called chicken or tembelek, it has a rather fragrant scent. This Lantana Camara flower has that flower colorful and famousk outdoor ornamental plants that are resistant to sunlight.

7. The Flower of Portulaca

Ornamental plants are tThis ergolong familia Portulacaceae originated in South America. It is also called a nine o’clock flower because it generally blooms at nine o’clock in the morning. This portulaca is a succulent plant that loves sunlight and its flowers lock up at night or when it is cloudy. It has quite a variety of flower colors, including yellow, orange, red, purple and others, so it is very beautiful when planted in thingshome ngan.

8. Gaillardia flowers

If noticed bThis unga is similar to the sun but in its small version. This type of flowering ornamental plant is from the sun family that resembles daisy with yellow or red flower colors. This plant native to the western and central United States, some of its species can grow up to 9 inches (91 cm). It can survive hot weather and dry soil so it is widely used as a cut flower when it is summer.

9. Red Kamudra Flower

Calliandra is a sproutan bearing pods with medium-sized trees with flowers arranged in plural. In Indonesia, it is known for its Kamudra especially its red-flower yamudra because it is considered a greening plant and a source of fodder. The plant having about 200 kinds of members has showy red flowers with long pods. This Red Kamudra flower is tolerant of dry land conditions so it is suitable for planting as a heat-resistant ornamental plant.

10. Thunbergia flower

The retard plant is memiliatedki flowers are beautiful and very suitable for use to decorate the house. By planting these flowers, the house will be impressed more cool, asriatic and beautiful. This genus of flowering plants in the family Acanthaceae native to the tropics of Africa, Madagascar and South Asia is resistant to solar heat and grows to a height of 2 ± 8 m.

11. Bottle Brush Flower

Though it has a name yesng is quite unique, but it turns out that this ornamental plant has beautiful flowers in red. It is widely used as a shade plant. This plant native to the Australian continent can live in areas that have hot weather like in Indonesia. So, for those of you who are looking for heat-resistant outdoor ornamental plants can plant this one flower.

12. Marigold Flower

This marigold has benThe unique flower tuk that is, the fat bulges with petals piled up on each other. Generally, it has an orange or yellow color. It is well suited for home decorating and the flowers can also be used for room decorating. The beauty of this marigold flower will not be damaged despite the hot weather because these ornamental plants love sunlight.

13. Angelonia flower

This plant is usually in tanam with a pot that can also survive in hot weather conditions. There are some of the most common angelonia made as ornamental plants namely pink, purple, bicolor, and white angelonia. It grows and blooms dnegan easily without requiring any special treatment in its care. The angelonia has elongated green leaves and gleams on its edges, the leaves exude a distinctive scent of apple myirp and can reach up to 65 cm in height.

14. Wishing

Not a big berry yes! but the small-sized buns are usually planted in a pot. Because if planting a big berry, your house doesn’t look beautiful otherwise it looks haunted. This small – size berry is usually widely used as a home decorator because of its attractive shape. It also does not require difficult treatment, it is also able to survive even hot weather.

15. Duck Cocor

a plant known to karena its reproduction method through leafini shoots is popularly used as an ornamental plant. But it also grows wild in gardens and moat edges where the soil is stony. This duck cocor also includes ornamental plants that are resistant to solar heat and easy enough to care for. You only need to water it at least once every 10 days.

16. Norfolk cypress

This cypress is called cypress Norfolk because it comes from Norfolk in New Zealand. This ornamental plant native to the family Araucariaceae and to the genus Araucaria is called by the name of stem pine or star pine cypress. The cypress becomes one of the ornamental plants that likes environmental conditions with full solar light intensity. This ornamental plant that can reach up to 6 meters in height is ideal for planting in a large garden area.

17. Gout Leaves

This one’s plant has tersebar in different parts of the world ranging from Africa to Indonesia. These gout leaves are commonly grown throughout Tropical Asia as medicinal plants and ornamental plants. You can easily find this plant in Central Java, East Java, Madura to Bali. Its habitat is in grasslands and this is what makes gout leaves into plants capable of surviving hot weather.

18. Chicken Perch

Celosia argentea var. cristata or more popularly named chicken roost is a plant that grows upright to 90 centimeters tall and is usually planted in gardens and lawns. The stem is thick and strong single-leaved that grows long-shaped and has elongated tips with its flower-shaped bulge, thickly grated, the upper part widens like a chicken’s perch and is purple, red or yellow. It is resistant to solar heat with flowering times several times in one month.

19. Cactus

Because its original habitat …The rags in the desert are barren, so it is certain that these plants have resistance to the heat of the sun. Moreover, this cactus plant has a water reserve in its wax-coated stem. The cactus has various species so you can choose it according to your taste and place it at home. In addition to being able to beautify the yard or interior of the house, the cactus is also very easy to care for.

20. Shoeworks

This shrub plant berasal from East Asia and is widely grown as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions. The flowers are large and pretty red with yellow nipples in the middle. In addition to red, other colors such as white, yellow, orange and pink are also available. These shoe blooms generally grow about 2 to 5 meters. It is designated as Malaysia’s National flower and is called Bunga Raya.

21. The Lilies of lilies

Ornamental plant ini was very popular in Indonesia, this plant also turned out to be able to survive well in any weather, cold can be hot too. Not only can these Paris lilies be placed as hanging ornamental tananams, but they can also be used as home garden decorators.

22. The Tongue of Pyukua

Sansevieria atau tongue-in-law is an ornamental plant clan that is quite popular as an interior decorator because it can grow in little water and sunlight conditions. The ornamental plant has hard, succulent, upright leaves with a tapering tip. Besides being able to beautify the house, this tongue-in-law juIt doesn’t have many good benefits for the body. One of them is to absorb the air pollution that’s around.

23. Mandevilla Sanderi

Who wants rumahnya feels cool and more shady, try deh tanami with Mandevilla Sanderi. Not only do you beautify the area of the house, you can also present an atmosphere of love. This Mandevilla Sanderi is also relatively easy in its care, especially if you’re a beginner. How interested in planting it at home?

24. Palm

Of all tiresyak the ornamental plants outdoors, palm trees are indeed one of the many plants that are targeted for. Palm can live in tropical temperate regions such as Indonesia. The maintenance of this one tree is quite easy, this plant only needs enough water and lighting so this plant is akan live well. It is no wonder that these ornamental plants are often used as common area decorators.

25. Cyclocs

if seen-liThis one ornamental hat is almost similar to one type of succulent just a little larger in size. With the characteristics of green leaves the whiteness is thickly shaped and bouncing. This Siklok ornamental plant is resistant to exposure to sunlight heat within a short period of time old. so no perlu is worried if summer comes because this plant is able to survive well.

27. Tabebuya

this one’s tree native to Brazil, most people refer to it as sakura. This is because the flowers are very similar to those from Japan. In general this Tabebuya is planted in soil with subtropical and tropical environmental conditions. If you have a knock-out house banp broad, hia plantThis s could be the solution.

Final Words

That’s the row outdoor ornamental plants that are resistant to solar heat. The plants above can be refracted if you are currently looking for an ornamental plant that is suitable for home decorating. How is it? How’s it going? Which ornamental plant would you like to have?

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