20 Modern Minimalist Fence Design Ideas

Looking for a fence design idea for your minimalist home? Relax, some of the following modern minimalist fence design ideas may be an inspiration to you!

As we know, home fences do have some functions. Starting to function as an entrance gate and home area delimiter, beautifying the ruma lookh from the outside, up to as a home fort.

But an interesting fence design is also sometimes a point of attention and gives a first impression to someone who sees it. So it’s important the thing to memselect a pretty and sturdy fence design to frame your house.

There are many types of fences for minimalist homes that you can choose from and apply around your home. Starting with a fence lined with iron, wood, bamboo, natural rock as well as with other material combinations. You can also choose or design your own beautiful fences desired to beautify your home.

Well for those of you who own a house with minimalist concepts, then modern minimalist fence design can be a choice. To this end, here are some p design ideasso that modern minimalists that you can make inspiration. So let’s check it out guys!

Fence Design Ideas

20 Modern Minimalist Fence Design Ideas

1. Fences that combine elements of wood, black steel and concrete

The modern minimalist fence design that you can make inspiration for is a fence design that combines element wood, black steel and concrete. This fence is composed from a row of wood mounted horizontally and framed with black steel. The brownish color of the wood is very sweet combined with a black colored steel frame. Meanwhile, such wood and steel are also propped up with concrete or white walls equipped with an “L” shaped pergola that serves as a welding or protective covering from heat and scorching sunlight. The fence design feels perfect for your modern minimalist home.

2. Minimalist fence design of wood with asymmetric concept

Next there is a wooden fence design that is not only suitable for the rear fence of the house but also suitable for the front fence of the house. Fence design of one-in-a-kind wood consists of a wooden block arrangement arranged up and down, thus giving an active look to modern minimalist house designs. Not only attractive, this fence design can also give you an impression of nature and also elegant for your home.

3. Modern minimalist fence design of sturdy yet also gorgeous black iron

Next there is a modern minimalist fence of black iron capable of delivering the esan is sturdy yet also pretty for the front view of your house. The vertical lines on the fence still provide enough portions to look inward without having to open them, yet also sufficiently provide privacy for homeowners.

4. Floral-motivated laser cut minimalist fence

Well for those of you who need a fence or a gate that’s simple yet looks pretty, then you can make this one fence design an inspiration. This one fence design is made of iron steel which is processed by laser cut technique to create a gorgeous floral motif. This framed fence design with concrete walls is not only beautiful, but also very safe to fortify your homes.

5. Design of a minimalist fence of steel with unique design

The inspiration of modern minimalist fence design for subsequent houses is design a fence of iron that has a unique design. Consisting of a combined horizontal and diagonal line, this one fence design looks so dynamic that it gives an attractive first impression to the front view of your house.

6. Modern minimalist fence design with closed concept of stainless steel and concrete

Next fence design idea is modern minimalist fence design with consclosed ep of stainless steel and concrete. The design of this fence looks like an iron sheet extending from right to left fortifies your house firmly. Apited by the concrete wall makes the gate of this house look firmer. This fence design will provide privacy and security for occupants home.

7. The minimalist modern and gorgeous horizontal wooden fence design

Well for those of you who prefer natural atmosphere, you can imitate fence design minimalist house of this one wood. This fence design consists of a horizontally arranged pile of wood. The height of this fence is made like a ladder so it creates a more dynamic impression. This fence design will give a minimalist and modern impression on your dwelling and certainly with more natural.

8. Natural and aesthetic bamboo fence

In addition to wooden materials, you can also make minimalist house fences with bamma’am. Bamboo fences will give tropical shades and looks, while giving beauty and privacy to your dwelling. These dark color-coated bamboos are connected using steel wire thus making the look of the fence elegant. Suitable for those of you who are looking for alternative fences a cheap festive minimalist.

9. Modern minimalist house fence design with luxurious impression

Furthermore there is a fence design of steel iron that looks minimalist and modernn. There is a gold touch on the fence so it gives a more luxurious impression. This one fence consists of 2 sizes, the wider main fence consists of 2 doors used for vehicle entry and exit, while the single door is equipped with a concrete frame dedicated to entry and exit if there is tvisiting amu.

10. Laser cut fence design with modern abstract motifs

You can also create by combining several types of min-fence designsimalis, such as combining a simple fence design with a laser cut fence design with an abstract and unique motif. Not only design, you can also play with colors that are colorful, such as brown or white. This fence design will give a unique impression on the appearance of your house.

11. Modern minimalist fence design of steel and wood

Modern minimalist fence design idea for home concept the minimalist was subsequently a fence design of steel and wood. The fence with wooden material will make the dwelling a nuanced nature. To stay firm, you can use a steel or metal frame for the wooden fence.

12. Fence of modern minimalist house of vertical iron pipe

To create a different and more unique impression, You can design your house’s fences from vertically arranged but somewhat slanted iron pipes. This overlapping arrangement will make the overall appearance of the fence more artistic and anti-mainstream. Even so, this fence remains secure and solid.enter your house.

13. Modern minimalist fence design with hexag designon lace

Furthermore there is a modern minimalist fence deain that memIt has hexagon lace motif made with laser cut technique. The fence’s design is topped with a concrete wall so it impresses it firmly but also aesthetically.

14. Fence of modern minimalist houses made of wood with gerbang opaque glass

You can also make a gate out of opaque glass that di frame with steel or wood. In addition, this opaque glass gate will also look attractive when you solidify it with a sturdy, closed wooden fence.

If the privacy aspect becomes the most important thing unfor your occupancy, then the application of a house fence with an opaque glass lining like in the picture can be a solution for you.

15. Wooden fence minimalist mesh-design

If you need a fence to limit your garden with the neighboring garden, then this minimalist wooden fence design suits you. This fence design is designed like a mesh motif so it gives a unique and also natural impression to your home look. This fence design can also blend into nature making it suitable for fence in the garden or behind your house.

16. Modern minimalist fence design of aluminum steel with an irregular pattern

Furthermore there is a modern minimalist fence design that coCok for those of you who like simple and simple smelling things. This one fence design is made of steel, iron or aluminum degan small holes that form irregular patterns. Although the pattern on the fence is made irregular, it still looks neat. This will give a unique and interesting impression to the look depan your house.

17. Modern minimalist wooden fence design that is sturdy and dramatic

Well if you want to have a visible wooden fence sturdy and firm, then this one wooden fence design you make an inspiration. This wooden fence uses wooden assemblies of different lengths and is arranged vertically to form a sturdy wooden fence and dramatically impressed. Moreover, this wooden fence is also reinforced dengan a black colored steel frame so as to give an impression a stronger one.

18. Design of minimalist fence with wood material and natural stone

If you have a house that is infinished with a stonelam in some parts then you can also make a fence by utilizing the same natural stone. Natural stone is also an attractive material because it has a texture that could make the fence more noticeably stand out.

But you need to keep the fence design to compostfill a house. Because not all fields of the fence need to be filled with natural stones. You can also combine them with wooden fences to give a more dynamic impression.

19. Modern minimalist wooden fence design in white

Next there is a white wooden fence design that can be calian make it an inspiration. This covered white fence has several holes in the center as an access view to show the inside of your front yard. The pit is also useful for seeing who is in your arms without having to open the glazed gate.ih long ago.

20. Design of firm-looking wooden and iron fences

Another idea of modern minimalist fence design that you can build inspiration fish is a fence design of wood and iron. A wooden fence with a chair or iron frame not only makes the fence sturdy, but it could make the front view of a minimalist house more luxurious. This ironwood house fence design idea is one of the current fence trends is applied at home with the concept of modern minimalism.

Final Words

Well there he is some idea of modern minimalist fence design that is give you an inspiration in choosing the right fence design to frame your minimalist home. May it be worthwhile.

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